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Retailers Join Forces to Challenge Amazon For Shoppers

By admin | May 28, 2011

Amazon.com may be a large destination for online shopping, but several major retailers are joining forces to give the online giant a run for its money.

Several retailers have banded together to incorporate ShopRunner, a competing service to Amazon Prime, into their ordering process.

With Amazon Prime, customers can purchase a membership through Amazon and receive unlimited free shipping for their purchases. This has scored big for Amazon in the sales department. Retailers have felt the bite in their wallets.

In order to get some of those dollars back into their pockets, retailers such as Goldman Sachs, Borders, Barnes & Noble, GNC, Dick’s Sporting Goods and a host of others have decided to use the ShopRunner service. With ShopRunner, the retailers have something just as enticing as AmazonPrime to offer retailers.

Customers of any of these major retailers can purchase a membership to ShopRunner for $79.00. For that price they can receive unlimited two-day shipping on their purchases. They will also receive free return shipping of those purchases as well.

Retailers feel confident that this program will increase their sales and put them back into competition with Amazon. They are all hoping for a share of the $140 billion that is spent on ecommerce each year in the United States. With ShopRunner, they’ll be able to stay competitive in the online retail market.

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