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Customer Feedback from within Social Networking

By admin | January 8, 2011

Social networking seems to be the panacea these days as companies of all sizes look to be hooked into valuable customer feedback.

The world of Internet commerce is based on the power of the feedback placed by consumers for others to use as basis for their own purchases. And these days, knowing what others think of a particular product or service is proving to be an invaluable tool, one that big business is taking notice of. Amazon.com and Netflix are two big businesses that have invested large parts of their companies’ respective resources to find a way to make recommendations more relevant.

It seems that as web users become more comfortable with using the Internet for commerce they are also becoming savvier. People want to read recommendations that are relevant to them, which means that they want to know what their friends and family think of any particular product or service.

World of mouth is always a strong market influencer, and online is no different. In the online marketplace, a social network can steer shoppers toward and away from anything they happen to find online. From music to shoes, people are making buying decisions based on what they’re online social network is buying.

The trend is on the rise as people are using sites like Facebook and Twitter to poll their friends for information about prospective purchases. People feel that their friends are more likely to give honest feedback on something they bought rather than an anonymous review, which in many cases is provided by the business, or a paid reviewer.

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