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DirecTV Ads Play on Offense

By admin | October 15, 2010

DirecTV Inc. will be kicking off a $100 million marketing package for its NFL marquee, the NFL Sunday Ticket.

With pay-television competitors increasing their pressure on the satellite TV provider, DirecTV plans to blitz an elaborate marketing campaign through television, print, radio and the Internet.

The NFL Sunday Ticket offers subscribers every NFL game played for $300 year – all at once. DirectTV’s advertising will hit everything from Sports Illustrated to the iPhone with straight advertising, interactive football trivia and more.

Sunday Ticket has been offered since 1994, but this is the largest marketing push that DirecTV has put behind it since its inception. The move is likely due to the new four-year agreement the company has made with the National Football League (NFL) with a reported annual price tag of $1 billion.

DirecTV has direct competition from Dish Network with their RedZone channel, which highlights all Sunday games for $7 a month. The largest difference between the two offerings is that Sunday Ticket shows the entire game while RedZone shows only highlights. Both are available on mobile devices as well.

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