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Infomercials Rising In Popularity

By admin | September 29, 2009

Direct-response television (DRTV) may be one of the few advertising outlets that’s actually been boosted by the recession. Infomercials are rising in popularity among marketers and becoming viewed as a more “legitimate” marketing opportunity. The jokes about as-seen-on-TV may be a thing of the past.

Part of the rise in infomercials has to do with the decrease in ad costs. Many Fortune 500 companies are cutting their budgets big-time, and TV is one of the most expensive marketing options out there. With fewer companies buying ad time, networks are getting rid of those time slots for much lower prices than usual, which opens the door for more infomercials.

Marketers getting into DRTV can also enjoy the bonus of being able to see the effects of their spot in real time. Customers respond through toll-free numbers and web addresses, allowing marketers to track what works and what doesn’t. They can easily replace their ad if the current one isn’t working, minimizing wasted budget money.

Maybe those Fortune 500s should look into getting back on TV with more easily-trackable infomercials instead of ads.

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