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Web Video Ad Prices

By admin | March 27, 2009

Even with fourth quarter cut backs on online video ad prices during this troubled economy, prices have managed to remain relatively unaffected.

However, from what we have observed and read, media agencies are playing it safe and realistic when it comes to Internet advertising and ad rates. Online video ads could start feeling the pain just like other advertising media.

If this should happen, there are a few points in its favor that could wind up softening the blow:

Using the online video market to promote business
Experts predict more and more advertisers will start utilizing the online video market within the next few months.

Smaller and new advertisers getting in on the game
Small advertisers will be especially eager to get started because rates are so affordable. They’d be smart to do so as many other marketers may begin to shift toward targeted mediums like web video.

The online video ad business has remained protected because it operates under an inflating shortage that could protect businesses from experiencing a drastic price drop.

Lower rates on the horizon
Advertising, media buying and marketing are all cyclical. We all know that.

And the good news for advertisers is that all signs do point to more inventory and lower rates. Marketing is a process that can never end – and lower rates are always a good thing for those seeking to purchase the advertising space, no matter what the medium.

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