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Mobile Advertising Edges Out Online Advertising

By admin | October 29, 2008

JumpTap, a leading mobile search and advertising provider, has officially confirmed just how effective mobile advertising can be.

Together with Research and Analysis Media (RAM), the company’s study reveals that mobile advertising is an innovative promotional tool marketers can use for branding, recall and determining purchase rates.

A whole new way to advertise. Results are what matter to advertisers looking for proof that mobile devices can keep them connected to consumers.

In fact, JumpTap mobile advertising is providing new customers with a unique opportunity to participate in ongoing brand research insight just for signing up and participating in mobile advertising campaigns. This way, they can see first-hand how well it works.

How mobile ads affect advertiser recall, intent to purchase. The RAM research study began with a sample group of 300 Swedish Telia SurfPort users testing consumer advertiser recall, purchase intent and mobile advertising quality.

Consumers reviewed ads from EMI, Eurobate, Plutolife (Mobilove) and Discovery Channel Sweden. About one third of the participants were not familiar with these ads prior to the study. 

The results:

• The Study revealed JumpTap ads had an average of a 20 percent higher recall rate than comparable mobile ads.

• Mobile users are more likely to continue searching for more information after viewing the JumpTap ads. This includes 10 percent of 16 to 24 year olds and 28 percent of 45 to 79 year olds confirmed that the ads inspired them to continue searching for more information.

• Female mobile users were more likely to make purchases from the JumpTab mobile advertisements than from others. The results included ages 16 to 24 year olds, which was most significant since nine percent of the participants confirmed that they would likely make a purchase compared to zero percent from the other mobile advertising groups.

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