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Direct Response Television Advertising and Viewer Fragmentation

By admin | September 12, 2008

Television advertising is becoming more challenging for the advertiser looking for the best mix (as far as advertising and media buying) as the industry continues to change and evolve.

Viewership is greatly affected by the growing popularity of satellite and cable TV. Even digital recording devices like TiVo have significantly changed the way people view programming. Viewers can simply watch prerecorded programs whenever they like, how they like (e.g., skipping through all of the commercials).

Successful even in the face of change. For the most part, direct response television advertising (DRTV advertising) manages to be a successful advertising medium despite these challenges.

Special events. However, this year, for instance, there are two additional events (some may say hurdles) that advertisers must deal with: the Olympics and political advertising.

Both of these monumental events/trends threaten to increase the incidence of viewer fragmentation. They will reduce the number of spots available for direct television advertising campaigns.

Good advertising strategy = effective advertising strategy. In response, the smart advertisers will develop an effective advertising strategy, such as blending direct response television advertising (DRTV advertising) with other complementary advertising methods in order to continue effectively promoting and selling their products and services.

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