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Marketing and media buying strategy and a brand that lasts.

Monday, February 26th, 2007

Jackie Huie, president of JohnsonRauhoff Communications Group, based in southwestern Michigan, said that one of the most commonly made mistakes in branding is not finding and using that niche that makes you stand out from the crowd. Huie’s agency serves both small regional and large national accounts, such as Coca-Cola Foods, GE, McDonald’s, Meijer, Pepsi, […]

The Decline of the :30 Commercial and What it Means for Media Buyers

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

At the ERA Mid-Winter conference in late January, I heard from a range of people in the media buying industry, who indicated that results were off versus a year ago. Some speculated that it was due to the milder weather this winter, but it seems that it’s not just the weather alone that’s impacting  the […]

The Power of Google and Media Buying

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

David B. Yoffie, a professor at Harvard Business School is quoted in one of the NY Times articles, Google is the realization of everything we thought the Internet was going to be about but really wasn’t until Google. Google has already had a significant influence on small to medium sized media buying businesses by enabling them […]

The New Face of Media Buying

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

Rapid advances in media buying technology have changed everything from health care to communication. Now, as the latest technology becomes more accessible to a broader market, the drtv advertising field is changing, too. Ten years ago, you could plan your media buying campaign around a few television commercials and print advertisements. And most companies would never have […]